put your records on: tobias jesso jr.

Well, have you lost your memories?
Did you wash ’em down the drain?
And did you have some help deciding
To forget my name?
Cause nothing I can say to you
Could ever ease this pain

from “How Could You Babe?”

Everytime I listen to Tobias Jesso Jr. I feel as if I am listening to some classic record from the 70’s, but his album Goon is only a year old. His songs are simple, but beautiful about love, heartbreak, the struggles of being an artist. They make me think about the romantic relationships that I have been in, and even though I am young, his songs make love seem old. Jesso sounds so forlorn, wiser than his age. He knows what loss feels like, and his music doesn’t try to hide that. Piano, guitar, and simple drums create a stark effect of his lyrics and drifting, wounded voice.

I have often wished that the lessons one needs to learn in life, could come without the strife so often associated with them. But is it ever possible to grow without pain? We can learn from others, but it is often our own experiences which teach us the most. I guess that is why love is so compelling. From Giuseppe Verdi’s La Traviata to Franklyn Baur’s “I Wonder If We’ll Ever Meet Again” to artists like Billy Joel, Tobias Jesso Jr. and Adele, we continue to write and sing about the one lesson humanity still hasn’t learned.

P.S. If you need some more music about love, I have a playlist which you can listen to here


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