i can’t write: exercise #1

In which, I complete writing exercises for ‘fun’…

Write a poem about a color

troye sivan singing on stage in february
dancing in the night with maren in the park
my grandpa’s jean jacket, old and musty
my jean jacket, new and built with child labor
camille spinning around in a dress, smiling wide
the color of the sky when its early morning and cloudy and the world is electric
and you can almost hear the buzz in the air, because a storm is coming
the nostalgia, wintery chill
the snow falling outside, but being inside with warm blankets
the feeling of sand between your toes
laying in the tall grass watching the wind in the afternoon
ella singing a lonesome ballad on the guitar
hair standing up on your neck when she leans in and whispers sweet nothings in your ear
the day when i found out i was going to camp
midnight is remembering
cerulean is wistful
like forgetting the name of someone you used to love
the smell of salt in your hair
seashells littering the path
summer tans fading as the year gets dark
knowing that time is limited, but wishing you had more of it
to read books in the shade of a willow tree in a worn out hammock
to listen to bon iver when you’re feeling blue


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