low of 21° F

tights under ripped black jeans
silk top
wool sweater
bomber jacket

i rushed outside hurrying from my late awakening to get to class
the wind bit at my spine
reminding me that i had forgotten a hat and gloves and scarf
the air was dry and biting
as if the world itself couldn’t believe i had to go to school today

the puddles were frozen
a quiet calm lay over the neighborhood
sleepy and dazed
as i drove down the hill i surveyed
the houses, dusted with the powder sugar frost
winter came with such a low cost
the grass, almost silvery
the end of the sunrise
pale mauve sky bruising the horizon line and fading into icy blue

the cars with their lurid lights
one of them mine
said hello and welcome
wishing i could climb back inside my bed
inside my own skin and never come out again

i rushed inside hurrying in my arrival to get to class
overcome in the stampede of girls
laughing and collectively complaining
i stood watching
unmoving as they walked by

an iceberg in a lonely sea
only hoping to sink, melt or reunite
what bliss
to be still when others are going


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