an unsent letter

I’ve already broken my resolution; I missed two days in a row. However, I will keep going.

This is something I wrote late August 2016, but now it’s January 2017

I miss you. I miss your mop of soft wavy hair. I miss playing euchre with you. I miss talking to you about nothing and everything. I miss your humor, your laugh, your smile, how your eyes light up and your speech gets faster when you’re passionate about something. I miss your searching hands that pointed out constellations and made me shiver as they grazed my skin, pulling me close every time a shooting star passed by.

I can’t believe I won’t see you until December. I want to feel your lips on mine, your fingers in my hair, see your face just one more time. I think of you so often it hurts. You are so kind, and intelligent; you make me feel naive. I want to hear you talk about space and fall sleep next to you, sleeping bags so close on the dock.

So tell me how’s life up in the north east?


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