emotional laundry

I wrote this last year for english class, but revised it … a lot

I am always the one to call you
With my problems laid out on the floor
Like dirty, disheveled clothes.
I know I should clean them, but I don’t want to
So I make you do it.
You give your advice happily like any good friend would
And retreat back to your life.
Guilty, I hang up the phone;
I do my washing alone.

I wish you were the one to call me
For help with that girl you like, or
Your childhood slipping through your fingers.
I don’t want you to deal with all the cleaning yourself;
I could scrub “the washing piling up like nasty thoughts”.
I ask, “Please let me help,” but
Walking to class, you’ve almost hung up the phone;
You do your washing alone.

I want to say, “Let’s do our washing together
Pin up our emotions to dry in the sun,”
We know that some of the stains haven’t fully come out
But hang up that old coat,
You don’t need its weight;
It’s summer now.
Our problems are getting better,
And we do our washing together.


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