i can’t write: exercise #2

In which, I complete writing exercises for ‘fun’…

Write a poem using dark or gothic imagery, such as a woman being followed by dark clouds of rain.

Full prompt can be found here

This ended up being much darker than I had originally intended.

the light is hiding under soft blankets, woolly and fluid in the sky
the house is sneaking around, twisting and turning
its eyes wide but glazed over as if the glass has been breathed upon
the door peeling, paint coming in flakes swings open
snow drifts slowly, languid
and the knob is turned
and the flowers on the couch pattern have fallen off to the floor
and petals are strewn about

upstairs there is no scream

he poured wine- reeked money and cruel sentiment
she had a extra glass at his behest

her dress is torn like the faded tapestry that hangs on the wall
his eyes- greedy lions

her corpse lays lifeless on the bed
his hands- claws

her mind floats above the scene
his note says “thanks”

when she wakes the blankets have dropped from heaven to hide her
from the man in the uniform
but he cannot see the raindrops that hang over her head
the salt of tears dried on her face
she doesn’t receive any grace

she runs through the moors
the water pours down
a deluge of horror

away from the sneaking house
away from her body
away from the dogs that chase her
away from the nightmare

she runs
faster and faster
until …
but she cannot escape

the gloom still sits
the faded tapestry has one more fox being chased by the hounds than before
the house creaks a little with malice
he dusts off the marble mantlepiece
and places the wine back in the cellar

he notices that the soft snow which has muffled the house for hundreds of years
has been replaced with a driving, screaming rain


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