i can’t keep hiding anymore
i’m so angry
all the time
it seems that everywhere i look there’s

another outrage because the President has done somthing
another terror because queer rights just got swept under the door
another murder of an innocent black man
another confirmation hearing on the Senate floor
another ripping of the tall trees from the ground
another cry of the child in White Center living with her mother in a trailer car with no heat whose hands are too cold to even put on gloves

someone said on instagram “it’s so wrong to say you hope it will a good year, that only you can make it a good year for yourself”

sorry what?
tell that to the homeless sitting on the side of I-90
i pass them every week as i go to choir and i don’t give them anything
tell that to the child brides in Niger where 76% will be married before their eighteenth birthday
tell that to my sister who likes to where boy’s clothes and doesn’t ask the waiter to call her miss instead of sir in the restaturant
i dare you
tell that to my face, to make it a good year
tell that to all the 13.5 million Syrian refugees who in the land of immigrants are not welcome in thirty-one states

how could you say such a thing?
you don’t choose your circumstances
you choose your attitude
but what other appropriate attitude is there?

i have hope, but more than that i have her “two beautiful daughters; whose names are Anger and Courage. Anger at the way things are, and Courage to see that they do not have to remain as they are”

so no i won’t keep hiding anymore 

Quote from St. Francis Ascici


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