cafe de olla

i can see the strains of liquid sugar
pooling at the top
sweet, bitter dark,
smells of rotund oranges and burnt cinnamon sticks
everything circular, swirling

the sounds of grinding beans in the background
soft powder, fine
little green plants in white pots
crisp white walls
clean black letters
uncouth hip hop music
minimalistic prints
brown paper packages
full of the bliss of caffeine

a coffee mexicano
and now gone



i spent too much time in books most of my life
and now i don’t spend enough time inside their pages

i remember my grandparents took my sisters and i to the zoo in chicago and there was a polar bear there
i had never seen a polar bear
and i left still not having seen one
because i had my nose buried deep in harry potter
i was reading the story for the first time
to me spells and creatures and intrigue were more important
to me real life was never as excting as what i was reading
no matter fiction, nonfiction, poetry
those words were always better

now i’m lucky to get a book in every couple weeks
i have school, friends, music,
things that take up my time and

i miss those pages
their feeling

i miss being a reader

inspired by a dear friend of mine