have you felt that sense of loneliness?
of wandering back
home 1:47 in the morning
all limbs and misty eyes
walking miles
across the city at
night because you
had nothing better to do?

of driving somewhere
to see a half acquaintance
for a few minutes because it’s
the closest thing
you’ll get to
human contact?

I’ve walked to the
lake late at night
been told by cops that
I’m trespassing
only to walk back
sometime later into green grass parks where no one but me passes by

I’ve tripped on sidewalks
who feel the roots of trees
rebelling from their concrete oppression

been scared by a frog croak
watched a singular tabby cat cross the false suburban road the same time i did

some nights it is peaceful

others a few cars will rush by
carrying people my age off
hidden groves and dancing girls
sweet wine and sugared men


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