the woods behind my grandmother’s house

in the lush muggy green of the woods
it is easy to forget the suburban houses
just closeby
it is easy to pretend that our family is together
just for fun

the stream ambles on
muddy waters cool and mellifluous
oak trees grow tall, morning glory climbing up trunks
mosquitos buzz
gnats and butterflies flit by
it is the black dragonflies though
who sit so peacefully unmoving for minutes
only to leave like helicopters
to rest on another green teardropped leaf
it is the dragonflies that interest me
I want to be more like a dragonfly
so meditative
so quick

but here for a time I can rest
on a fallen log
covered in emerald moss
here I can listen to birds and insects and the wind
here I can forget my reasons
it it easy to forget


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