airplane thoughts #1

Sometimes I wonder if other people think about the world as much as I do
I think people must, but I don’t really know

I wish there was a way to understand someone else’s mind

The clouds outside seem so calming but
when I look out the airplane window all I can think of is how privileged I am

I can’t believe my phone will not charge

Is it a punishment for something I’ve done from the universe?

Honestly I feel like from far away, all of America looks the same

I wish I could be dead, or just float on a cloud, and have no responsibilities
This cloud is all enveloping, its so so white and bright and pure just ice crystals, but magical all the same
like the ocean, the sky is goes on forever

I wonder if my life has had any meaning
I want my life to be important, to mark the world
even though that’s a silly desire, because I will probably do more harm than good

Does everyone want to help each other?
or maybe they do, but only when its their best interests?

I wonder if I will die alone
does it matter?

I am sleepy

I want to be more kind

My thoughts pass by me, as if they too know that they are not worth being dwelled on, like the puffy blue gray white of the clouds